Places Where Bad Things Happen

I stumbled upon a headline news today about a fight between a celebrity and a group of men in Poblacion, Makati while reading the news on MSN. Then, when I opened my Twitter account, it was trending. There are groups trying to defend the celebrity, and some people are happy about what happened to the celebrity. The celebrity was arrested on charges of physical injuries, alarm and scandal, direct assault, and disobedience to a person in authority.

Don't go to places where evil lurks and expect good things to happen
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I'm not here to say who's right or wrong; they are both wrong for being in a place like that. What would you expect in places where people drink until they get drunk, probably listening to sexually provocative music, and with people whose only goal is to get wasted?

I used to hang out in bars and clubs when I was young and immature. I don't see or know any people who go there with good intentions. The typical intentions of people who usually go there are to get drunk. I've also been a bar manager for quite some time, so I know the kind of people who love to go there.

If you want to justify that people go there just to have fun, there are plenty of places where people can have fun without being obscene, drunk, immoral, or engaging in sinful behavior.

What happened to the celebrity and the group of men was just an ordinary occurrence in a bar. It was a fight that was highlighted because a celebrity was involved. Places like this create extra work for our police, who already have a lot on their plate chasing real criminals.

You might dislike what I'm saying because reality can be harsh. None of these unfortunate incidents would happen if people didn't go to places like that. Such places often invite trouble. Worst-case scenarios involve getting drunk and getting into fights. I know many stories of women who were drunk and raped by guys they met at a bar. I also know stories of guys who have been beaten up in bars. There are numerous sad incidents that occur in such establishments.

Bars and clubs attract many unsavory individuals. Many people in those places think they are the masters of the world because of their background and influence. The concept of respect doesn't exist there; the only influential voice is that of money.

Don't go to places where evil lurks and expect good things to happen. Don't seek happiness there. The likelihood of something positive occurring in such places is quite slim. If you want to enjoy life, there are other safe places you can go to.

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