Finding Happiness: What Makes You Happy?

Is finding happiness really hard? I don't know a person who doesn't want happiness in their life. Even the most hateful person still wants to be happy. 

Finding Happiness: The Power of Truth
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The problem is happiness is subjective; it differs for each person. One person might think that their happiness is this, and others might think that their happiness is that. Some people think that being rich, beautiful, famous, and accepted by society is the way to happiness, while to others, living a simple life is already considered happiness.

I think the problem is not finding happiness but rather knowing what can really make a person happy. But before I start talking about this, let's first define what happiness is.

What is happiness?

Based on the dictionary, "happy" means feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. In this case, happiness is a feeling, right? The truth is, we really can't be happy at all times; that is impossible. Why? Because we are emotional human beings. We get affected by what we see, hear, and feel. Our brains tell us that everything is not okay at the moment, so it is really impossible to be happy all the time. So, isn't the right question for this article, "How do we keep ourselves happy most of the time?"

Factors that Affect Happiness

Finding Happiness: The Power of Truth
Photo by D Jonez on Unsplash

Now that we know that happiness is a state of feeling, let us now know the factors that affect happiness.

Several factors can affect happiness, and it's important to note that everyone's experience of happiness is subjective and can be influenced by various aspects of their lives. Here are some common factors that can impact happiness:

Social and Emotional Factors:

- Relationships

- Social support and community

- Gratitude and positivity

Well-being and Health Factors:

- Health and physical well-being

- Mental well-being

- Work-life balance

Personal Growth and Fulfillment Factors:

- Purpose and meaning

- Personal growth and development

- Personal values and authenticity

Material and External Factors:

- Finances and material well-being

- External circumstances

It's important to note that these factors can vary from person to person, and the importance of each factor may differ depending on individual preferences and cultural backgrounds. Additionally, the interplay between these factors is complex, and achieving happiness often involves finding a balance across multiple domains of life.

Ranking what's important for you

Now that we have learned what factors affect happiness, we now know that achieving all of them might be hard. What we should do now is rank them based on what's important to us. If we rank these factors according to their importance in our life, then we can focus on what to fix first in our lives and maybe compromise with the factors that are hard to achieve.

The number 1 for me is Purpose in life, which falls under Personal Growth and Fulfillment. I already know the purpose of my life, and it is to find God and worship Him. I think that should be the purpose of all people, to seek God first.

The number 2 on my list is Social and Emotional Factors like family and friends. Yes, for me, family and friends come after God.

Number 3 is Well-being and Health Factors. After God and relationships with others, the next thing that is important to me is my health.

And lastly, Material Factors. For me, this is last because it is the easiest to control. You work, you earn, unlike those first 3 factors that are beyond our control.


After ranking these factors and applying them to my life, I have realized that how I used to define happiness is what's preventing me from achieving this joyful feeling inside my heart.

Another thing that can help us be happy is to accept reality. Many of us can't achieve happiness because of our dreams that are hard to reach and sometimes unrealistic.

It is better if you maintain your goals in life to be realistic and reachable than wasting your energy on things that are hard for you to achieve right now.

Making your goals realistic and easy to achieve will keep you away from depression, a feeling that we don't really want in our system.

Happiness is easy to achieve as long as you accept what is true and be comfortable with what you currently have. Don't rush things and start trusting God. He will provide you with what you need. There is no need to be stressed. Don't waste your time searching for happiness in the wrong places; analyze your life now and know what is wrong.

Analyzing, realizing, and accepting the truth about your life can help you find ways to turn it around without giving up too much. In the end, you will find out that you have gained more than what you have given up.
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